Seeing Beyond Sight

Sound Shadows

"This book will make you look—and look again—
at how you perceive and what you assume."

~ Shambhala Sun

"savvy, passionate, witty, and yes, beautiful"

“uniquely powerful”
~ Utne Magazine

“One of the more moving photography books
in print today. . . at once jarringly familiar and unfamiliar, astoundingly complex and heartbreakingly simple.”

~ Disaboom's Top 10 Books of 2008

“. . . these images go to the heart of human experience and artistic expression. They show us what lies beyond the light that illuminates what we take pictures of, and what all photographers - with and without the gift of sight - are trying to reveal with their photography”
~ Tao of Photography

". . . these young photographers have proven my theory. . . Photography is not about the sense of sight, it’s beyond sight, it’s about what we are, it’s about being, it’s about awareness… It’s about being awareness itself."
~ Cedric Canard, Plop

"What are you thinking, teaching photography to blind people?" — Jackie, one of the first three students to take the class, was incredulous.

Melody's wrote about her self-portrait (above):

I just set the camera up on a shelf and pushed a button to make it go off by itself. I stood back and held my teddy bear.

That's the teddy bear my ex-boyfriend game me on my birthday. We broke up the day before Valentine's Day. It just tore me apart, because I was just sittin' there in the corner like, "I don't have no one." I mean, I cried the whole night.

Photography wasn't the obvious subject to teach at Governor
Morehead School for the Blind.

As a photographer, I feared losing my eyesight and began to wonder, "If I were blind, could I still make photographs?"

I wanted to find out ...


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